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Constructed in 1962, our building opened as the Interbay Branch of the Boys Clubs of Tampa. At the time, the facility boasted an indoor pool, gym, rec center, auto shop — even a shooting range! In 1981, the Interbay branch pioneered a movement by hosting the pilot program to include girls in its programming. One year after that, the Boys Clubs of Tampa officially changed its name to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa, and our branch carried on as such for another 30 years.

Across five decades of operation, thousands of children have benefited from the enrichment opportunities offered here, like three-time Olympic champion Brooke Bennett, who embarked on her swimming career right here under our roof. Eventually, a lack of funding created financial challenges, and the once-proud facility began to decline. The building was even being used at one point for Hillsborough County out-of-school suspensions.

In 2013, two forward-looking, community-oriented individuals purchased the building and began shaping it into The Prep of South Tampa. Operating under the ethos that body, mind and spirit intertwine to shape a person’s character, we’ve been restoring the facility and expanding our programming ever since.

In May 2024, the building came under new management - South Tampa Microschool. Not only is The Prep now home to a PreK-6th grade private school, but also many new community-based sport and enrichment programs! Check out our Programs and Birthday Parties programming to learn more about your future involvement at The Prep!

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