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Yes! We're on a mission to instill in kids the values, skills and knowledge they’ll need to create strong communities and build successful lives. We received our 501(c)(3) classification in 2014. Our tax ID number is 371741595.

Is The Prep a nonprofit?

Yes! Membership includes full access to the fitness center, free access to our indoor batting cages and discounts on certain camps and programs. Check out our membership options!

Does The Prep offer memberships?

No! All programs and services offered at The Prep are open to the public. However, Prep members are eligible to receive perks that come along with the membership.

Do I have to be a member to come to The Prep?

Yes! The Prep is the perfect party venue for all ages and interests. Check out our parties page for details.

Can I host a birthday party at The Prep?

We offer financial, academic, athletic and community scholarships! They can be applied toward all memberships, programs and camps.

Does The Prep offer scholarships?

We are grateful when community members who share our vision help us reach our goals. Donations, services, volunteering, referrals – there are many ways to get involved. For more information, please email Executive Director Ron Salzman or call 813-512-2924.

How can I help The Prep succeed in its mission?

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