Weekly cooking class is in session! Chefs will learn food prep, knife skills, kitchen safety and culinary skills while having a great time with friends and expanding their palette with new cuisine. Each week will offer a new theme and chefs will complete 3-4 recipes to eat at the end of class and bring leftovers home to the family. This session will focus on the holidays…..Halloween treats, Thanksgiving staples (and leftovers), edible treats and a holiday feast!

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Fun with Bots

Fun with Bots gives students the chance to work hands-on and learn mechanical and structural engineering, logic, and coding in LEGO® programming language, troubleshooting, and more. Going at their own pace allows students the freedom to let their imaginations roam and learn new things such as CAD design, robotics, and 3D printing. Students at any level will be challenged while using LEGO MINDSTORMS®, LEGO WeDO®, Arduino®, and other technology. Have fun, make new friends, and create memories that will follow them in life. Returning students will work on new challenges to advance their learning.


Girls With Confidence

Girls With  Confidence is offering 3 amazing series for girls in  K-5th grades. Each weekly workshop includes a group discussion on the topic of the week, fun interactive games & activities, and a creative art project.  Your girls will LOVE coming to Girls With Confidence.   The following topics are included in each of these series:

Series  1 - September: Being Confident, Brave Girls, Filling Your Bucket

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Homework Helpers

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K-Dance Training

Coach Karina aims to develop a training program in the South Tampa community that gives young dancers the tools necessary to define career goals such as college education, dance companies, and the commercial dance industry. With an emphasis on versatility through several genres of dance, work on improving coordination, balance, posture, strength, and flexibility to become the most well-rounded dancer you can be!


Manners Advantage

Acquiring life skills such as proper etiquette and good manners is essential to promoting confidence and a positive self-image in all children. For children to be successful in life, they need to have social skills as well as academic knowledge. Our goal is to help our students build a foundation for personal growth and fulfill their own potential. Modern Manners for Young Ladies and Gentlemen provides the opportunity for children to learn the skills necessary toward developing a sense of empowerment in social situations. 

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Terrific Scientific

The Terrific Scientific after school enrichment program is an experiment and design based science and discovery program. This program is designed to introduce an abundance of topics in science to elementary aged learners about biology, anatomy, paleontology, chemistry, engineering and more all through hands-on learning. Each session has a theme that the weekly projects are based off of and students leave with weekly take homes. Our goal is to inspire young learners to further explore into the subject of science and carry fun memories of their science club in later schooling years. When children leave class each week we encourage families to become involved with the program and help continue the conversation of the lesson topic the child discussed. Our teachers will send home weekly discussion topics so you can learn along side your child!


Totally Art

The Totally Art after school enrichment program is a drawing based, fine arts program that is designed to help students learn the fundamentals of art and gain confidence in themselves as young inspiring artists! Students in grades K-2 will focus on learning the elements of art through weekly projects. Materials include charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, marker and more! We provide fun and engaging curriculum of animals, people, nature, still life and landscapes all while using artistic quality media! Each session has a new curriculum and the students will have fun learning art history, artistic styles, various media artists and thevocabulary of art.

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