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We know that to make a change, you need to be the change. That’s why it’s our mission to expand the possibilities for the Tampa Bay community and inspire a brighter future for our youth. The Prep of South Tampa offers volunteer opportunities for high school and college students.  Read below to find out ways to get involved…


During winter, spring and summer break, The Prep hosts a number of different camp options.  Volunteers are needed to help facilitate camp activities.  Camps are normally anywhere from 2-5 days long. We have 2 shifts available: specific camp hours (8:45am-2pm) or extended day (1pm-5:30pm).


Our various sports programs frequently offer single day clinics for our athletes.  These clinics typically last 1-2 hours and require volunteers to assist in check-in, drills and more.


The Prep offers Homework Helpers: free mentoring and tutoring services to our members! Every Monday & Wednesday from 5-7pm we offer high school students the opportunity to assist children in completing homework assignments in math, english and science.


Expectations of Volunteers

  • Volunteers should be in high school

  • Volunteers should be actively engaged in activity unless on a designated break. If you aren’t sure what you are supposed to be doing, please ask!

  • Volunteers should act as an example for younger children. Please keep in mind your size when you are playing a game with smaller kids!

  • Cell phones and/or devices should remain in pockets or purses while you are on duty. If you need to make a call, please tell whomever is in charge and step away from your activity.

  • If you are escorting a child to the restroom, please wait outside until s/he is finished. Please make sure the child washes his or her hands.

  • Please arrive on time. We are counting on your commitment!

  • Please dress appropriately in athletic clothing and closed toe shoes.

  • Please keep conversations and language appropriate for small children.

  • If you see something, say something! Make sure campers are behaving in a safe and appropriate manner. Please ensure every child is involved and feels comfortable. Please let staff know if you have any concerns.

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