Scotsman Soccer


At Scotsman Soccer and Fitness we take a very unique approach to coaching.

We believe that every child in our care should receive positive re-inforcement to ensure they approach each session happy, confident and unafraid to make mistakes. We want to see how our players react to mistakes. Do they hide from the ball after making an error or do they keep trying until they master the skill. Our coaches ensure players stick with the latter as they will only receive constructive criticism from us. In a time where many kids have self esteem issues due to bad coaching experiences, we get them back on track. Our results prove it.

Our approach to coaching is very simple:
1. Individual skill and Technique Mastery.
2. Apply in a competitive environment.
We do not believe much is to be gained by repeatedly kicking the ball into an empty net. Players need to be put in a situation which replicates game day. In 1-1 coaching players can work with and against their coach. When comfortable in this environment we like to progress them into a small group for coaching/competition and eventually onto 3v3 academy where they can test their skills against various teams.

We love this sport and we love coaching, not just the soccer side but the lessons that come with it.