Science Camps 2019

  • Builders Camp: June 10-14    Grades K-5

Builders camp will help your kid take a break from building on the computer screen and back to building hands on projects. This camp will encourage our campers to explore their creativity and innovations through exciting projects. Need a new picture frame or bird house? We will also have an experienced craftsman help guide our campers through woodworking projects. Campers will be broken up into groups of K-2nd and 3rd-5th grades. $279

  • Scientists for a Day: June 24 – 28    Grades K-2

Is your kid interested in biology, astronomy or any other science field? Campers will step into the role of a different type of scientist each day and discover through activities what they do. Throw on a lab coat and experiment with different chemicals as a chemist or step into the medical field and dissect brain jello.  Grades K-2 $249

  • Gardening Sprouts: July 8-12   Grades K-5

Campers will be able to learn how to be a successful gardener with a beginning approach to botany and garden care taking. For example, in this camp kids will develop skills of a sprouting scientist as they begin a garden and learn the importance of sunlight, soil and other important components to keep a garden healthy and happy.  Campers will be broken up into groups of K-2nd and 3rd-5th grades. $279

  • Habitat Explorers Grades 3-5: July 15-19 & Grades k-2: July 22-26

Campers will learn about the world around us with habitat themes science projects. They can learn about all the unique animals you might find in the rain forest, the essential skills they need to survive in the desert or dive into learning about the ocean. Our world is unique with many different environments that are ready to be explored by our campers! $249

  •  CSI: July 22-26   Grades 3-5

Campers will investigate into the exciting field of forensic science where they will be able to decipher through a crime scene with mock interviews, fingerprinting, blood typing and more. These hands-on activities and experiments will engage our scientists in team building exercises and critical thinking as they work together to solve cases. In addition, campers will get to meet someone involved in the crime scene department who will share their experience in this field. $249

  •  Weird Science: July 29- Aug 2   Grades K-2

Weird science is a camp that is all about crazy chemical concoctions. Over the course of a week, campers will get to perform a variety of chemistry activities that are either gooey, gross, explode and more! Our campers will leave this camp with plenty of experience, fun take home projects and a week’s worth of reasons why this summer was the best. $249

  •  Tech Wiz:  July 29-Aug 2 Grades 3-5

In our new world of tech it seems like the kids truly know more about gadgets than adults. This camp will help teach kids more about the basics of technology with lessons about circuits where kids can utilize kitchen items like a potato to generate electricity or generate messages to each other using snap circuits. Now they will understand what goes into creating all the cool things they can do! Campers will create and take home their own Wiggle Bot!  $299

  •  Art and Science Mash Up: Aug 5-9     Grades K-5

This combo camp will feature exciting projects in both science and art. Part of the day will be spent creating masterpieces like a Picasso while the other part will be studying science like Einstein. $249

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CAMP HOURS: 9am - 2pm EXTENDED DAY: 2pm-5:30pm ($120)