I2 (Integrated Individualization) Training

Our Integrated Training is our primary training service. Integrated Individualization is for both high school athletes and adult clients.

Each client is individually evaluated, and then we write your program based on injury history, movement deficiencies, and training goals. Once your program is written, you will have the freedom to train on your schedule. I2 is intense, intentional, and yet realistically built for your busy life. 

Adult Strength Camps

Adult Strength Camps are our version of adult group training. Strength Camps are six-week training blocks designed with specific emphasis. The focus of the Strength Camps will vary throughout the year to prevent plateaus, expose you to new challenges, and promote long-term progress.

Professional Athlete Offseason Training

Perform24 is uniquely equipped to serve professional athletes. We’ve trained athletes in the MLB, NFL, PGA, and LPGA. Most notably, our work with our professional baseball athletes have produced significant results.

Professional baseball players have been spending their offseason training at Perform24 for three years. We have helped the progression of players from Single A all the way to the Big Show. Our facility includes a full weight room and turf, four indoor batting cages, a regulation size clay infield, and 5 acres of grass for movement training and long toss. Perform24 is truly a special home to prepare athletes for the long, grueling season.