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Mindful Eating  Workshop for Teen Girls with EMPATH Coaching - Monday, February 18, 2019

Kids have natural curiosity and enjoy making discoveries about food. Think of the life-long benefits of helping teens find balance and joy in eating! Get ready to have fun, laugh, and be creative, in this experiential workshop.

 Research shows that children who begin dieting early are at greater risk of eating disorders later in life. Mindful eating helps shift a young person’s focus from external cues (calorie counts, airbrushed pictures in fashion ads, pop stars and idols) to natural internal cues of hunger and satiety.

 Young people in their teens are assaulted by a showering of media through multiple technologies that demand their attention and provide distraction at the same time. Striving for acceptance, love and success while trying to cope with peer pressure about body image can result in harmful relationships with food that follow teens throughout their life.

 In this workshop attendees with be active participants in mindfulness exercises that explore how, what, when and why they eat. We can learn how to help children navigate the world of food and eating through non-judgmental listening and simple mindful eating exercises that can assist them in relating differently to food and eating.

 Sign your daughter up today for this special all day workshop. Class will take place February 18th 9am-2pm. Ages 12-14 girls are welcome to sign up. Price is $79 per child and only 16 spots so don’t hesitate to book your spot today. Extended day available until 3:30pm.

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Kimberly Lackey is the founder of EMPATH Coaching. As a certified Integrative Health Coach and a certified teacher in the State of Florida, he works with individuals and families through coaching, nutritional counseling,teaching, motivational speaking and more to build healthier, happier lifestyles. Ms. Lackey may be contacted at