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Looking for an activity that increases self-confidence, promotes good grades, improves physical fitness and encourages constructive behavior? By modeling a healthy lifestyle in an environment of positive reinforcement, we help kids gain the self-assurance to deal with the challenges of growing up.

· Confidence & Self-Esteem
· Academic Achievement
· Positivity & Structure
· Goal Setting
· Friendships


All our programs are designed with fitness in mind. Whether you're looking to get in shape, acquire self-defense skills, gain a boost of personal power or just achieve relaxation and peace of mind, our classes will provide you with the tools to reach your goals. No experience necessary!

· Flexibility & Strength
· Energy & Stamina
· Cardio Health
· Weight Loss
· Relaxation

Private Lessons

Private lessons provide accelerated learning to take you from beginner to black belt in a personalized environment. One-on-one lessons are ideal for busy adults whose schedules prevent regular attendance in evening classes, and for students of all ages who want to build on their group training experience.

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