Martial Arts 

Looking for an extracurricular activity for your kids that promotes better grades in school, better performance in sports, better behavior at home…and is fun? Discipline is the ability to control feelings, overcome weakness and do the right thing, despite temptations. By embodying these values, we help kids deal with the challenges of growing up in a healthy environment of positive reinforcement. 

  • Academic Acheivement
  • Athletic Performance
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Goal Setting
  • Lifelong Friendships
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Structure & Discipline



Our programs for adults are designed with fitness in mind. No experience necessary! Whether you’re looking for a way to get in shape, a boost of personal power, to learn self-defense or just to control the stress in your life, our classes provide you with the tools you need to reach your goals. 

  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Flexibility & Strength
  • Positive Relationsips & Self-Confidence
  • Relaxation & Peace of Mind
  • Weight Loss


    Private lessons afford the opportunity to train one-on-one with Grand Master Dan. Offered in the morning, they provide accelerated learning and refinement of technique, in a framework designed to take the student from beginner to Black Belt in a personal environment.

    Although suitable for all ranks and ages, private lessons are ideal for parents, adults and executives whose schedules prevent regular attendance in evening classes. They are also perfect for students who wish to augment their group training.

    MAA Board Breaking Summer Camp 2018

    Week of June 25-29

    • Power punching!
    • Explosive kicking!
    • Board smashing!

    Strike a board with your bare hand and you might break a finger – but strike it with proper technique and you'll break the board instead. The elements of successful board breaking are technique, speed, power, accuracy and follow through. With qualified instruction, almost anyone can achieve success.

    Our board breaking camp is a specialized experience designed to teach students the principles of breaking and provide the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment. Students will learn to execute a variety of hand and foot strikes, with an emphasis on fun, challenging jumping and spinning kicks.

    Camp is open to boys and girls ages 6-12 and includes four days of practice and one day of breaking. Training will be provided for all experience levels. Campers must be current or former taekwondo/karate students; camp is open to students from all area martial arts schools. Enrollment limited to first 20 registrants.

    Regular Hours: 9am-1pm ($249)
    Extended Day: 8am-5:30pm ($379)

    Master Dan would like each student to wear their taekwondo/karate pants, a uniform top or school t-shirt and their rank belt. If they are a former student from another school and do not have a uniform they can wear athletic clothing.
    Please send your child a nut-free snack and a lunch daily.

    Interested in our Martial Arts program? Fill out this form and click below to email Master Dan to set up a free trial session! 

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    MAA Board Breaking Summer Camp 2018