Cooking Camp Summer 2019

  • All American: June 10-14

Let’s take a flavorful journey across the United States! From the frigid water of Alaska with a Lemony Baked Salmon to a Southern staple of Chicken & Biscuits, you won''t know what hit you! Our spin on the “Buffalo” wing with a fresh Maryland Crab salad will leave you wanting more! Some mouthwatering Texas style Ribs, twisted Mac & Cheese to go with the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken will leave your BBQ craving completely satisfied! Don't forget a crisp libation to whet the palette with a Virgin Mint Julep, plus a dash of breakfast treats and lots of fun! We will eat our way from coast to coast!


  • European Vacation: June 17-21

Let’s hop across the pond and unlock the wonders of the United Kingdom with a classic Chicken Pot Pie and a delightful Toad in the Hole. After that we’ll cruise over to Greece for the fresh taste of Homemade Hummus and a sweet Greek Baklava. After a refreshing Spanish Gazpacho with mouthwatering Ablondigas, we will ride the rails across Europe to sample the spectacular flavors of Germany, Italy and the delightful Croque Monsieur from France.


  • Asian Delights: June 24-28

A wonderful extravaganza around the Asian peninsular to delight the palette with crisp Thai Summer Rolls, Baked Crab Ragoons, House fried Rice, a scrumptious Teriyaki. A traditional Indian Curry, the fresh wonders of a Poke Bowl, a refreshing Mango Lassi, and a lighter version of Hunan Stir fried Orange Chicken help make this an adventure of a lifetime. With stops in India, China and Thailand (to name a few), your taste buds will be applauding the amazing feast!


  • Fun with Food: July 8-12

Let’s enthrall your senses with the science of edible water bottles and Jell-O laser Optics! The chemistry of bread, yummy mold, fun emulsions from whipped cream, bagged ice cream and a compound butter teach campers how science and cooking go hand in hand. We’ll experience the crisp tasty art of the pickles. We’ll experiment with colors in food by creating a Red, White & Blue cake and colorful salads! Learn the art of cheese and get comfortable with sweet, spicy and salty. Let’s have fun playing with our food…


  • Southern (Hemisphere) Cooking: July 15-19

We’ll begin our trip to the Southern Hemisphere with a South of the Border Mexican Turkey Taco Soup, a Brazilian Feijoada (black bean stew) and Chilean Empanada. Then we’ll take a dip South of the Equator with a South African Malva Pudding and a Traditional Cape Malay Bobotie. Next we stop over with our “mates” in the outback for the iconic sausage roll and an amazing melt in your mouth Lamington. With stops in Jamaica, Portugal and Australia and many others we will tour the southern part of the earth with an empty stomach and a yearn for exotic flavors.


  • Florida’s Finest: July 22-26

Begin with flavors from our own backyard with The Tampa Cuban! Discover a frozen Key Lime pie perfect to beat back those Florida Rays. A Key Largo Conch Fritter and a crisp homegrown Orange Sparkling Lemonade help beat the heat. Learn a twist on Dat’z Stuffed Meatloaf (as seen on Food Network's Diners, Drive-In's and Dives!). Recreate a Plant City Strawberry Shortcake and enjoy a succulent Blackened Mahi Mahi with a refreshing Mango salsa.


  • Best of TV Baking Camp: July 29-Aug 2 and August 5-9

We know one of your favorite things to do is to watch Nailed It, Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars or some other baking show. BUT, did you ever think you'd get to participate in one??? Join us for our last week of camp to recreate all of your favorite baking shows. We'll have contests and challenges throughout the week and by the end your little baker will be able to make the best pico de gallo chocolate banana cupcake ever (kidding - it won't be that weird). You can't imagine how much fun this camp will be!

Camp Details:

COST: $299 Per Week TIMES: 9am-2pm extended day: 2pm-5:30pm ($120) AGES: 9-14 yrs.